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This is a very simple GIMP script that converts an image to a 5-state image to be used as icons with buttons. I hope you find it handy.
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Publié le 10/07/2009
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NOTE: Missing library added. This is a demo of a simple diagram editor i've made some time ago. It's only the first part of the diagram editor, but it is very easy to extend and implement new feature...
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Publié le 10/06/2010
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Horde3D bindings for WinDev 15. NOTE: Requires an OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with up-to-date drivers installed. For more information please visit: http://wolfbit.com/blog/2010/06/windev-horde...
Publié le 06/06/2010
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Little project showing how to make an XML file viewer using a Treeview Table. Very easy to implement on another projects that you may have.
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Publié le 04/02/2011
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Please visit: http://wolfbit.com/blog/ To download the newer version. I start writing this tool today, and finished it also today… It tooked me 3 hours to write all the application. It is very simple...
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Mis à jour le 13/08/2010
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Sample Twitter Application, with full source code... For WinDev 14 and up. Just change the ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret on the Project Code.
Publié le 09/06/2011
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Twitter for WinDev, includes an OAuth class to access any OAuth 1.0 site, a Twitter class to make it easier to make Twitter calls, and a JSON parser class, to easily parse JSON messages. For document...
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Publié le 27/09/2010
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Updated to version (February 3, 2011) Please visit: http://wolfbit.com/blog/ To get the newer version. Features: - Syntax coloring. - Suggestions (or autocomplete) using Ctrl+Space. - Anal...
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Mis à jour le 04/02/2011
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AfterAJAX is a Javascript function that will allow you to execute javascript after that ajax process of a button is done. It is available for WebDev 14 30A140030f. For WebDev, AWP and PHP. To implem...
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Publié le 24/07/2010
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Implement Comet (Gmail-like chats) on your WebDev applications easily... Ok, so this is very experimental, but it's working. On the EXE directory you must run the webtalk.exe file BEFORE running you...
Publié le 21/05/2011
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